GrowMeUp to develop together

We develop by helping each other become better

Who we are and why we do what we do

Have you even thinhk: Why Using some popular apps so difficult and what for so much accumulation of unnecessary options is beginning to annoy... We need something very simple! Thats why we put together a Team, designed and developed an Android app that is convenient even for a child. And while Elon Musk launches rockets into space, we-simple guys from Russia and Belarus-are developing the GrowMeUp app: The design/UI was done by Maxim, the front-end developer is super-positive Vanya-both from Minsk, and Pavel-back is a cool full-stack developer from Omsk. A lot of guys from Kazan, UX-Elbek, web developer -Aidar and designer / UI-Helena.

Now GrowMeUp help:

  • organize a day with a to-do list and reminders
  • create good habits based on Templates
  • focus on important tasks using pomodoro Timer
After all, we are developing together with you! and ... the present is available on Google Play on Android

You can take part for further development of GrowMeUp:

  • with functionality you recommend
  • and your donations

Choose the function you like

The purpose of donations is to develop the functionality that the user needs

WEB - version GrowMeUp​ GrowMeUp will be available on web browsers computers, tablets, and phones. All your tasks, templates will be fully available on large monitors. To support this functionality - in the form of a donation, select click WEB version, and make donation
ios - version GrowMeUp​ The GrowMeUp app will be available on smartphones running the IOS operating system. To support this functionality - in the form of a donation, select select ios version, and make the payment
Integration with smart watches and fitness bracelets The GrowMeUp app will work together with your wearable devices. GrowMeUp will tell you the most productive hours to work, to rest. To support this functionality - in the form of a donation, select point integration with devices, and make a payment
Functionality to choose from You can choose what you want to see in our app. We do not limit your imagination. To inform us about your idea, in the form of a donation select the item I have an idea - and in the field that appears, describe your idea in detail, and make a payment

How to make donation:

1 Choose
Choose function you like in GrowMeUp​
Carefully study the block with new features, and select, what would you like to see in the new GrowMeUp functionality​
2 Point out
When donating, specify the selected option
In the form, check the box next to the functionality that you liked the most, if You need something of your own, then tick the box (my choice) and describe, what do you want to see as the new GrowMeUp functionality
3 Use
We develop the functionality with the highest amount of donations
After donating You can only expect the willingness of the new functionality, the willingness we will notify to Your e-mail address. Please provide a valid postal address!

Your Reward

By donating a certain amount to us, You will be able to receive from us

  • subscription for lifetime use of the GrowMeUp app
  • the app you ordered!
  • participation in the design of a popular product

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